Bübchen Baby Oil


200 ml.

Takes care of baby’s delicate skin. Ideal after a bath, for a soft cleansing after changing diapers or for a pleasant massage.

  • Sunflower oil supports the skin’s natural protective barrier
  • Shea butter takes care of delicate and smooth skin
  • Without mineral oil, preservatives and dyes
  • Dermatologically approved
  • Midwives and pediatricians recommend

How to use:
Changing diapers: When changing a baby’s diaper, put the oil on a soft cotton pad.
For massage: take a small amount of lukewarm baby oil and gently massage it on the baby’s skin.

For use in infants from birth.

Bübchen has been developing care products to protect your baby’s delicate skin for more than 50 years. Intensive research and strict controls have ensured the best quality in Bübchen.

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